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About Intelligence

We may not realize it, but we use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) with today’s search engines, Internet shops and many other applications. With advancements made such as cars driving themselves and household robots coming, A.I. is bound to enter many more areas of our life. Dendri’s position in this field is between today’s advanced approached to A.I. and the brain’s intelligence.


There is a Challenge

While impressive advancements will be made, there are limitations to what can be achieved with advanced approaches. One such limitation is the need to program every task. This is a challenge of exponential complexity. The next generation of AI requires an approach avoiding this challenge.


Avoiding the Challenge of Exponential Complexity

Our algorithm was designed from brain elements having little attention today. This led to a single and universal algorithm, making the programming need of tasks obsolete. In turn, it provides intelligence levels needed for the next generation of AI applications and robots.


Initial Opportunity in FinTech

Banks and insurance companies are moving to “Go Digital”. Benefits are a reduction of office space and the manual efforts required today. In turn, this implies cost savings of hundreds of millions, competitive advantage or even disruptive technology. This does, however, come with a price:

  1. Loss of the human factor resulting in loss of clients
  2. Clients becoming inaccessible and, hence, lost business opportunity

Dendri-FinTech is working on solutions to automate a substantial part of the human factor. In turn, lost business opportunity becomes accessible.

For more information please see our the FinTech page.


Ongoing Growth

At the centre of our approach is SMARTCORE. It is the engine to make many more applications work. That may be applications created by Dendri, in partnership with third parties and products developed by third parties using a SMARTCORE license. 

Imagine what could be possible. What would be your preferred products? 

.What would be your preferred product?


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